We already grouped the children. There are 11-12 children in a group. Each group is guided by a teacher.

Bahasa Indonesia

- Pengenalan Alfabet
- Pengenalan huruf vokal (a-i-u-e-o)

Gym and Play Class

My School, My Friends, and My Teachers
- Puzzle Games

Music and Movements

Introducing Musical Tones (do re mi fa so la si do)


Christian : Story Telling ‘David and Goliath’
Moslem : Introducing Hijaiyah
K-2 students study religion every Friday.


Numbers 1-20
- Recognizing and writing numbers 1-20 orderly
- Circle objects based on the number given
- Join the numbered dots orderly (1-20) to draw an elephant
- Introducing number bonds


Introducing two types of bells
a. Manual Bell, and
b. Electric Bell


We will learn Phonics twice a week in this semester. The lesson is on Monday and Friday.
Letters Combination ‘an’ (pan,man,van,can,fan)
- Circle the correct word based on the picture shown.
-Complete the letters combination ‘an’ to form words.
- Learn to combine the sound of the letters.

Back to School!!

Welcome back to school,friends!!
It’s nice to see you again after a long holiday. There are 36 students and 3 teachers in Kindergarten 2 now. The teachers are Ms.Uty, Ms. Deno, and Ms. Happy.
So, for the new K2 students, enjoy your new class and have fun!! :-)

Extension Class

Every students will join the Extension Class (reading and writing Bahasa),every tuesday and thursday at 11 a.m – 11.45 am.Thank you..